Meeting report

Pittsburgh Diffraction

[logo a]The 57th annual Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference was held in October in Columbus, OH, USA to honor Muttaiya Sundaralingam, Professor of Chemistry and Eminent Scholar at Ohio State U. on the 40th anniversary of his arrival in Pittsburgh to begin graduate studies in X-ray Crystallography. He has made many contributions to our understanding of structure and function in nucleic acids and proteins, at first with small molecules and then with macromolecules.

The scientific program included a symposium entitled 'Physical Properties of Protein Crystals', organized by G. DeTitta and a symposium honoring Sundaralingam entitled 'From Nucleic Acids to Proteins' organized by M. Caffrey and B. Craven. For detailed coverage of the meeting, see the ACA Newsletter, Summer 1999 (

Bryan Craven, ACA Newsletter, Summer 1999