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_database.dataset_doi - any problems if this might be a DOI for rawdata?

(cross-posted to cif-developers and core DMG, apologies for cross-posting)

Dear CIF Developers and core DMG,

IUCr Journals are looking at using _database.dataset_doi to indicate the DOI of a raw data set associated with a data block. The meaning of "dataset" is not clear here, for example, it might have been intended to refer to hkl listings.

So, please give feedback on any problems your software/database might encounter if this DOI might resolve to a raw dataset.

The current definition:

" The digital object identifier (DOI) registered to identify
    a data set publication associated with the structure
    described in the current data block. This should be used
    for a dataset obtained from a curated database such as
    CSD or PDB. "

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