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Comcifs publicity committee

	Among the needs identified at our meeting in Glasgow was the need
for better publicity.  To that end it was decided to set up a Publicity
and Outreach Committee with the following terms of reference:

	The Publicity and Outreach Committee of COMCIFS is charged with
	disseminating information about CIF to the crystallographic
	community, and with ensuring that crystallographers and those who
	serve them are provided with the tools needed to become fluent 
	in the language of CIF.

The meeting made a number of suggestions as to how this mandate might be
discharged.  These include:

1. Developing links with the writers of crystallographic software through,
among other means, a newsletter outlining current improvements to the

2. Offering personalised assistance to software developers (Bernstein and
Westbrook offered their services).

3. Organising workshops for software developers and users (Bernstein
offered to explore the possibility of an imgCIF workshop in the summer of
2000 and Proffen offered his services in organising a user workshop
possibly leading to a permanent web-based workshop).

	The following have agreed to serve on this committee:

		Helen Berman
		Syd Hall
		Brian McMahon

	We look forward to seeing the results of their efforts in the
various crystallographic newsletters and conferences.

David Brown
Chair of Comcifs


Dr.I.David Brown,  Professor Emeritus
Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research, 
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 1-(905)-525-9140 ext 24710
Fax: 1-(905)-521-2773