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Re: Accent escape sequences

It would be best to use a MIME boundary marker before the MIME header

At 7:00 PM -0500 3/3/07, Joe Krahn wrote:
>Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:
>>  Dear Brian,
>>    While it may look cumbersome, I would highly recommend
>>  use of MIME headers in a manner consistent with
>>  imgCIF, rather than an array of more magic numbers.
>>  I just had to add dome proposed new information to
>>  the MIME headers for imgCIF to provide hooks for use
>>  by XDS and it proved rather easy to had to the
>>  exisiting framework in CBFlib, while more magic
>>  numbers would require a new and different code
>>  structure.
>I assume that we can use MIME headers, where the only required header is
>"Content-Type:", right? The advantage of MIME headers is that one could
>include Character-Encoding for text that uses international character sets.
>>    Coding convenience aside, I would strongly
>>  suggest support of XML, XHTML, HTML conventions,
>>  since they are well documented and explicit
>>  support for TeX, since it is essential to
>>  the publication process.  I do reviews for
>>  Math Reviews ans they have nice compromises
>>  on handling snippets of TeX for reviews.
>>  You may wish to consult with them on good
>>  externals.  Their system works.
>I agree that HTML conventions are good where more complex formatting is
>required, but I also like the idea of an archival format that contains
>code sequences that can be read reasonably well in the raw form. That's
>why I think the current sequences for 'CIF-format' text are reasonable
>to keep. It probably depends whether the text is targeted to part of a
>>    I hope we can avoid RTF -- it is lots and
>>  lots of undocumented gotchas.  I have to use
>>  it for old style RasMol windows help
>>  files, and there is a long learning curve
>>  for my students.
>Agreed -- RTF is ill-defined, as well as unreadable in plain form.
>>    In any case, I think this would be a
>>  very good subject to discuss.  Will people
>>  be at ACA 2007 or BSR 2007?
>I plan to be at the ACA meeting.
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