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Re: Accent escape sequences

David is right about formal adoption, but the Common Semantic Features
document was discussed extensively when we were adopting the CIF syntax
document.  Since these features have now been documented and out for
the world to see for with no changes in the past 2 years, this
may be a good time to adopt what can be adopted and rework whatever
needs to be reworked or extended.  -- Herbert

At 2:40 PM -0500 3/2/07, David Brown wrote:
>I would just like to point out that the escape sequencies in use in 
>the Acta Cryst. editorial office are not part of the CIF 
>conventions.  They have never been adopted by COMCIFS, though I am 
>sure that COMCIFS would be willing to consider any proposals people 
>might like to make.  The problem is that there are many different 
>types of text field and one set of conventions may not be suitable 
>for all of them.
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