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Re: Accent escape sequences

Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:
> It would be best to use a MIME boundary marker before the MIME header
> information.
If I understand right, the boundary is only for "multipart/mixed"
content. The actual text then requires an internal Content-Type header.
If a single text block is being defined, this is just extra overhead.

In looking at MIME specs, even Content-Type is optional, defaulting to
plain text. The only mandatory item is the MIME-Version header. If one
defines CIF-text as being assumed MIME, then even this could be left out.

An interesting idea:

The advantage of a simple escape mechanism, like the current scheme, is
that it is fairly easy to read directly. The disadvantage is that it has
limited abilities. With MIME, the multipart/alternative could be used,
where simple ASCII escapes are combined with a more accurate version
that is not directly readable. This give the advantages of both forms.

Joe Krahn

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