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Re: CIF2 syntax document for COMCIFS approval

I would be delighted if COMCIFS would adopt your wording. -- Herbert

At 7:03 PM -0800 12/29/10, Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve wrote:
>Hi Herb,
>I suggest rewriting CHANGE 7, for example:
>Triple-quote delimited strings.
>The following ASCII sequences delimit the beginning of a string:
>     """
>     '''
>     r"""
>     r'''
>     u"""
>     u"""
>The characters following the delimiter sequence are interpreted
>with exactly the same algorithm as implemented for triple-quoted
>strings in the Python programming language version 2 series.
>In this algorithm, triple-quoted strings are terminated by matching
>""" or ''' delimiters.
>For example
>     """He said "His name is O'Hearly"."""
>     r'''In {\bf \TeX} the accents are \' and \".'''
>Triple-quoted strings provide a reliable mechanism for storing any
>arbitrary string in a CIF2 file.
>Eventually the reference to Python could be replaced with a full
>description of the algorithm, but in my experience such informal
>descriptions are never as reliable as an actual implementation,
>in particular one that's been around for many years and is used
>by millions of people.
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>>  I think we will have enough trouble selling CIF2 at all.
>>  A split  recommendation will make it that much  harder.
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