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Postdoctoral position available

                  EU Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg Outstation has been awarded
a contract under the EU Biotechnology Programme 
"Transcriptional Activation and Secondary Transduction: Elucidation of 
Structures" (TASTES) as part of a collaboration with groups in Norwich, 
Toulouse, London, Heidelberg and Wageningen. The project aims at the 
investigation of the structural biology of procaryotic sigma factors, 
transctiptional activators ans signalling proteins. It involves a joint
use of molecular biological analysis, X-ray crystallography, 
protein NMR and X-ray/neutron solution scattering to determine 
tertiary structure, characterize conformational shifts and model key 
protein complexes.    

The group of non-crystalline systems at the EMBL, Hamburg Outstation has an 
expertise in soultion scattering studies of biological macromolecules 
including development of advanced methods of data analysis.
The work in Hamburg will involve solution scattering
experiments, development and application of the methods to jointly analyse
crystallographic, NMR and solution scattering information. 
A background in structure analysis methods, interest in methodology 
and programming expertise are essential.

The salary will be equivalent to the EMBL norm for postdoctoral fellows. 
The contract will be for up to 3 years starting from Sept-Dec 1997.
All applications should be received by June 12, 1997,

EMBL is an inclusive, equal opportunity organisation.

Please send a detailed CV with the list of publications
and the names of two referees to

Dr. D.Svergun, EMBL c/o DESY, D-22603 Hamburg, Germany 
(tel. +49 40 89902 125, fax +49 40 89902 149, Email: