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Struchkov prize 2002

[Struchkov group]From left to right: Mikhail Antipin, Leokadia Zorina, and her adviser Rimma Shibaeva.

In December, 2002, the sixth Struchkov Prize ($800) was awarded to Leokadia Zorina, a young scientist from the Inst. of Solid State Physics, Chernogolovka, Russia, for her research 'The structure of low-dimensional organic conductors on the basis of cation-radical salts possessing photochromic and magnetic properties'. She recently received her PhD degree for this work.

The Struchkov Prize Society (SPS) was founded in 1997 by the two former deputy directors of the X-Ray Structural Center, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), M. Antipin (Inst. of Organoelement Compounds, RAS, Moscow) and A. Yanovsky (Pfizer, San Diego, USA). The goal of this Society is to support young crystallographers in all independent States of the former Soviet Union. The Society was established to memorialize Professor Yuri Struchkov (1926-1995), Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and former Vice President of the IUCr. During its first two years the SPS was financially supported by Antipin and Yanovsky. In 1999 on the initiative of I. Dubchak (Lawrence Berkeley Lab, USA), almost all former members of Struchkov’s Lab who worked with him earlier in Russia and subsequently moved abroad, joined the SPS. Several of Struchkov’s coworkers in Russia, international coworkers, and IUCr members also joined the Society in 1999. Their donations allowed for a significant increase of the main award and permitted for the addition of several supplementary awards. In 2002 seven young scientists from Moscow, Chernogolovka, Kazan’, Novosibirsk, Samara, and Petrozavodsk were honored with supplementary awards ($150). The SPS is very grateful for the active moral and financial support of K. Caulton and W. Duax (USA), T. Workman (USA), L. Dong-Cai (China), and J.A.K. Howard (UK).

Tatiana Timofeeva (New Mexico Highlands U.)