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MAD about identification

Dear Judith,

Yesterday I got my copy of the IUCr Newsletter, Vol 10 # 3. I must say I'm rather puzzled by the illustration you have chosen for the paragraph 'MAD, Sad and difficult phasing' on pag. 11. I don't see any madness, sadness and certainly not difficult phasing in the picture. Maybe you did not want the people on the photographs to be identified easily, so both names were misspelled intentionally.

Sybolt Harkema

Dear Sybolt,

The photograph you refer to in your letter was not intended to be part of the 'Mad, Sad and Difficult Phasing' article. It was just a nice photo from the IUCr Congress that we used to insert some color and to provide a break in the text for that page. I apologize for the typos in the spelling of the names. I think the problem here was that they are so easily identified just by looking that we didn't pay enough attention to the figure legend.