Volume 18, Number 3 (2010)

On the cover

Crystallographic results cover Spain: From simple compounds up to very large macromolecular assemblies.

Editorial and production

Judith L. Flippen-Anderson, William L. Duax Editors
Patricia Potter Newsletter Design & Production
Jane Griffin Assistant Editor


S. C. Abrahams, S. N. Brown, D. Caspar, R. Fourme, A. Gavezzotti, K. Hedberg, J. R. Helliwell, B. B. Iversen, J. Johnson, D. W. Jones, P. A. Karplus, A. Katrusiak, R. Knott, F. J. Lahoz, P. Langan, A. Lewit-Bentley, P. Lui, M. Martinez-Ripoll, C. Mealli, N. Sakabe, S. Sasaki, D. Schaniel, N. Straeter, N. Yasuoka.
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