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Dear Judy and Bill,
With regard to Andrew Booth's recollections of his Life in Science part of the Crystallography in Canada article (V18, N2), I am curious why he misidentified Sam Levene as Aaron Klug, at the left in the back row of the photo of 'The Bernal Team'? Booth must know that Klug did not arrive at Bernal's Lab until the end of 1953, to work with Harry Carlisle. Furthermore, why did he identify the photo as taken in 1948? The photo was taken in 1946 at the Royal Institution Faraday Lab, where Bernal's Birkbeck College crystallography group was temporarily housed immediately after the end of WWII. Booth correctly notes that he was away in the USA in 1946 (when the photo was taken), to attend the first ASXRED conference and to visit nascent US computer centers (a trip that Bernal had arranged for him). In 1946, Aaron Klug was starting work as a research student with R. W. James in Cape Town, South Africa, and did not arrive in the UK until 1949 (at Cambridge). In 1948, Bernal and his 'Team', including Andrew Booth, moved to the Birkbeck Crystallography Lab housed in a pair of near derelict terrace houses at 21, 22 Torrington Square, London. Rosalind Franklin moved there in March 1953 and Klug began work with her there the following year. After her untimely death in 1958, Klug headed her group and, in 1962, moved with Ken Holmes and John Finch to the new MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, the same year that Booth moved to Saskatchewan.

Don Caspar