Top (l to r): Diagramme de Laue de ClO3Na montrant les reflexion diffuses. From the first article in the first issue of Acta Crystallographica (written in French by a Spanish author Julio Garido [Acta Cryst. (1948), 1, 3-4, doi: 10.1107/S0365110X48000028]; P. P. Ewald, first president of the IUCr (1948) [From the collection of R. A. Young]. Center: Delegates at the IUCr Congress and General Assembly in 1948 Identifications can be found at Bottom: Structure projected on (010), z coordinates indicated. Hydrogen bonds dotted. From the second article in the first issue of Acta Crystallographica (written by Clews and Cochran, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, England [Acta Cryst. (1948). 1, 4-11, doi: 10.1107/S0365110X4800003X].
Old series (1993-2017)
Editors: William L. Duax, Judith Flippen-Anderson

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President
Marvin L. Hackert

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Are you happy with your online persona?
Jonathan Agbenyega

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IYCr legacy

Lighting the Way for a Brighter African Future
Sekazi K. MtingwaSimon H. Connell

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Bruker/CCDC OpenLab Senegal, 5-10 October, 2015
Claude LecomteMagatte Camara

Feature article

War, peace and crystallographers
Shekhar Mande

Meeting report

Alessia BacchiPetr Bezdička, Krešimir Molčanov, Bart Kahr, S. Larsen, H. Flack, R.Nicholls, A. Linden, George M. Sheldrick, Isabel Usón, Rosanna Rizzi, Trevor Forsyth, Panče Naumov, Helena Shepherd, A. Schönleber, J. Wolny, Alex Eggeman, Lukáš Palatinus, Luis Elcoro, John Claridge, J. Hadermann, R. Timm, Natalia Dubrovinskaia, O. Oeckler, S. Herbert, Kari Rissanen, Martin Bremholm, Nikolay Eremin, Rossella Arletti, Navraj Pannu, Eleonore Dodson, Joel Sussman, Ute Krengel, Damien Jacob, Anton Meden,Aleksandar Višnjevac