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Spring meetings

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An international gathering of the ICDD members, representing a wide range of scientific disciplines attended the Annual Spring Meeting of the Int’l Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD), March 18-22, 2002. The members play an essential role in the development of the ICDD, tailoring its database products, and services to the needs of the global scientific community. The ICDD Board of Directors discussed the financial, business and long range planning functions of the ICDD. Results of global X-ray conferences, workshops and clinics were described as well as proposals for future activities. In a typical year, the ICDD financially supports or directly conducts over a dozen forums for X-ray analysis technology exchange across the globe. Evgeny Antipov, Moscow State U., received the Distinguished Grantee Award and also gave a presentation of his work in the ICDD Grant-in-Aid Program, which includes reference patterns for industrially important, advanced inorganic materials. The new slate of directors serving the term 2002-2004 was also announced (see Page 22).

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Terry Maguire