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A crystallographers family photo album

The 60th anniversary of the IUCr will be celebrated in 2008 at the XXI Congress of the IUCr in Osaka, Japan. Part of the celebration will be a photographic exhibit “60 Years of Crystallography”. We have a large collection of photographs of crystallographers taken at national and international meetings (30,000 photos in 90 albums) that we are using to prepare posters and CD’s for exhibit and distribution in Osaka. We have ample material to prepare 100 posters covering the 7 IUCr Congresses, 18 ACA meetings, 8 ECM meetings and 3 AsCA meetings listed in the accompanying table.

We would like to invite anyone who is willing to share their photographs from other IUCr Congresses, AsCA, ECM and ACA meetings to send them to us at patti@hwi.buffalo.edu. Preferably they should be scanned and sent electronically but we also welcome hard copies. Since Syd Hall, Chris Gilmore, and Gernot Heger have agreed to assist with the assembly of photos, it may be more convenient for you to give the material to one of them.

Yuji Ohashi tells us that the Osaka conference center will be able to accommodate a very large exhibit of 200 or more posters. It would be appropriate to have one poster from each of the 40 member countries of the IUCr. We invite each national committee to send 25 photographs of historical or scientific significance from their countries from which posters can be prepared. The photos can be scanned and transmitted electronically or sent in hard copy and should be accompanied by an index with as many ID’s if possible.

We need your help with identifying the people in the photographs on pages 12-13 of this issue (patti@hwi.buffalo.edu).


[XIX Congress, Geneva]

IUCr_2002, XIX Congress, Geneva Switzerland 2002 (1) Michael Woolfson, Herbert Hauptman. (2) Jeff Duchamp, Judy Flippen-Andersen, Connie Chidester, ?. (3) (first row) Graciela Punte, Sine Larson, Iris Torriani, Ann ?, Mike Dacombe, Andrea Sharpe, Maria Carrondo, Ted Baker, Aljos Kalman, Y. Wang, ?, Giuseppe Filippini. (5) Sine Larson, ?, Valentin Siminov, Theo Hahn, ?, M. Vijayan. (7) (foreground) Syd Hall, Claude Lecompte, Paula Fitzgerald, Herb Bernstein, ?, Janusz Lipkowski, (8) Paul Beurskens (right second front) (9) ?, Michael Woolfson, Mrs Viterbo, Davide Viterbo, Mrs Woolfson. (10) ?, ?, Oznat Herzberg, Ted Baker, ?. (12) ?, A. Joachimiak. (14) Session on Structural Genomics: (back row) John Norvell, Udo Heineman (middle row) Tom Terwilliger, T. Earnest, R. Stevens (front row) S. Yokoyama. (17) Jerome, Isabella and Jean Karle. (18) Superconductors: Luigi Nassimbeni, ?, Angelo Gavezzotti, ? , Frank Herbstein. (21) Judith Howard, Andre Katrusiak. (24) ?, Frank Herbstein. (26) ?, Theo Hahn, Andrea Sharpe. (27) A. Nangia, ?, ?. (28) Joel Sussman, T. K. Sixma. (29) ?, Henk Schenk.