Available synchrotron membership shares for protein crystallography at Argonne

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Procter and Gamble (P&G) is interested in selling its membership shares in the Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team (SER CAT) at Sector 22, a pre-eminent protein crystallography facility located at the synchrotron source of Argonne.

The available membership shares offer a full range of capabilities at scheduled visits throughout the year with two days of contiguous experiment times per visit.

The facility consists of a consortium of 25 member institutions with dedicated capabilities to high-resolution macromolecule crystallography, rational drug design, protein engineering and site-directed mutagenesis. It has both ID and BM sources, and a reputation around the world for high productivity in publications and PDB depositions.

For interest regarding purchase/lease options of P&G's membership shares, please contact 513-627-2437, or Email: