IYCr 2014

MCC celebrates IYCr2014

[2012 MCC] JuanMa García Ruiz introduces the students to symmetry at the first lecture of the 2012 MCC.

Every year, Module 1 of the Master in Crystallography and Crystallization (MCC), directed by JuanMa García Ruiz (U. of Granada, Spain), ends with a 'Crystallography and Society' workshop in Santander, Spain, on a variety of topics geared to the popularization of crystallography and crystallization and to promote awareness of the impact of crystallography in our daily lives. This year, the two-day workshop on July 8–9 is devoted to the different activities that are being planned and developed for IYCr2014. Master and PhD students in the different fields where crystallography is relevant, as well as journalists and journalism students, will hear talks given by representatives from the key organizations involved in IYCr2014: IUCr, ACA, AsCA, ECA and UNESCO. For more information, see http://lafactoria.lec.csic.es/mcc/index.php/program-a-courses/module-3-specialized-courses/cryst-society.