Awards and Prizes

ORTEP of the year – 2001

[Harlow] Richard Harlow
The R. Harlow Foundation for Disabused Crystallographers will, as usual, be presenting a check for $200, at the Los Angeles ACA Meeting in July 2001, for the best example of how an ORTEP drawing was used to spot and resolve a 'problem' structure. Any published structure in a referred journal is eligible for submission, but the submitter must clearly demonstrate the manner in which ORTEP (or any thermallellipsoid plotting program) was used to indicate that the structure as published was incorrect and must provide an ORTEP of the 'corrected' structure. Entries should be addressed to the Foundation at 7 Shull Dr., Newark, DE, 19711 USA. Details of two other Foundation initiatives, the Hydrogen Challenge and the Low-Temperature Prize, can be found under the ACA Service SIG web page at

R. Harlow