Women in science

In the editorial in C & E News in March 2000, Debra Rolinson cited the disparity between women earning a Ph.D. in chemistry and their representation on University faculties, and other data concerning inequitable treatment of women in science. She suggested it may be appropriate for the US government to withhold Federal support until the disparity is corrected. Rolinson’s editorial received responses from understanding and sympathetic men (May 8, 2000). One said 'women scientists are among the most productive at my company and my university' and thinks quotas would diminish women’s status. A second said 'we all know that men and women excel in different areas'. Apparently men just happen to be better at the jobs that are more powerful and pay better. The same issue of C & E News noted that of the top 75 chemical producers in the US not one has a female chief executive officer, chief operations officer, or chief financial officer.

C&E News, March 2000