Continuing support for Ukrainian scientists

Marek Konarzewski

Dear Professor Dabkowska

I would like to express our sincere thanks for your continued cooperation with our Academy. We are particularly grateful for your support of our programs for Ukrainian researchers fleeing war zones.

The Polish Academy of Sciences has taken a number of steps to support scientists from Ukraine. As early as 1 March 2022, we launched a short-term program to enable scientists who had left Ukraine to conduct research in the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In total, we hosted 192 Ukrainian fellows for up to 10 months. The total expenditure for this purpose amounted to 5.8 M PLN. Nearly 84% of PAS fellows were women scientists, which makes our programs one of the most notable endeavors also in this respect.

Throughout the year, we organized 9 training opportunities in English and Ukrainian addressed to Ukrainian scientists. In total, nearly 600 participants attended these workshops.

All of the above would not be possible without intensive cooperation between the academies and international scientific organizations in Europe and beyond. We thank you for all your support and assure you that in 2023 our Academy will continue to pay our membership dues as we always did in the past.

Yours sincerely,


Marek Konarzewski

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18 May 2023

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