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Sidhu award

The Sidhu award for 2001 was presented to Laurence Sheppard of the Dept of Psychology and Biophysics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York U. at the 59th Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, which was held in Cincinnati, Ohio in October, 2001. Sheppard is engaged in a number of studies of structural biology including the structure of Tubby, a mouse protein implicated in obesity.

The award is made in memory of Dr. Surhain Sidhu, Prof. of Physics and Director of the X-Ray Lab at the U. of Pittsburgh, and a founder of the Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference in 1942. At Argonne National Lab, Prof. Sidhu pioneered the use of the null matrix technique in neutron diffraction. This technique involves choosing isotopes in the proportion that gives a zero net coherent scattering factor, and it has been widely used for studying biological materials in which the H:D isotopic ratio is appropriately adjusted. The award recognizes an outstanding contribution to crystallography or diffraction research by an investigator whose doctoral degree was conferred within five years before the award date.

Previous Sidhu Award winners

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1967 A.I. Bienenstock