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PDB at a glance

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Since the beginning of the year 2001, 1123 structures have been deposited to the Protein Data Bank – 80% were determined by X-ray crystallography. 89% are proteins, 4% are protein-nucleic acid complexes, and 7% are nucleic acids. (Figures updated on 5/17/01).

New features have been added to the reporting features available at the PDB. The MICE collaborative molecular viewer permits remote users to share a VRML-based view of a molecule via the Internet.

Further details can be obtained by visiting the MICE web site at or by clicking on the help link accessible from the View Structure page.

Additionally, a new feature has been added to the beta site that allows PDB users to create their own customized tabular reports. By selecting 'Create A Tabular Report' from the option scroll bar at the top of the Query Result Browser page, users can choose from a variety of parameters that will be used to generate a report from a result list.

Christine Zardecki, PDB Rutgers