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XXI Conference on Applied Crystallography

Zakopane, Poland, September, 2009,

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As with all the previous conferences, this one was organized by the Inst. of Material Science of the U. of Silesia in Katowice. The Honorary Chairman of the Conference was Henryk Morawiec (Poland) and the Chairman was Danuta Stróz (Poland).

The conference was followed by the PDF4+ Users Workshop (September 24-25) directed by Matteo Leoni, Regional Co-chairman for Europe (Italy), Paolo Scardi, ICDD Director-at-Large (Italy), and Cyrus Crowder, ICDD Principal Scientist (USA). The other satellite events were the Summer School on Polycrystalline Structure Determination under the direction of Carmelo Giacovazzo (Italy) and the Summer School on Diffraction-based Structure Analysis in TEM under the direction of János Lábár (Hungary) (September 25-27).

The Committee of Crystallography and the Committee of Material Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences were the co-organizers of the events. The IUCr awarded scholarships to enable young scientists to attend the conference and the schools. The conference was also sponsored by the Polish Academy of Sciences.

A total of 120 delegates from 12 countries gathered and engaged in lively discussions throughout the plenary, oral and posters sessions. There were 12 plenary and 27 oral lectures and 67 posters were displayed. The plenary lectures were given by prominent scientists in the field of crystallography and structural studies, Andrew Fitch (France), Carmelo Giacovazzo (Italy), Bogdan Kotur (Ukraine), János Lábár (Hungary), Jean-Paul Mornirolli (France), Reinhard Neder (Germany), Vaclaw Petricek (Czech Republic), Paolo Scardi (Italy), Lubomir Smrcok (Slovakia), Marek Wolcyrz (Poland) and others.

The topics included development of methods and techniques in the crystal structure determination methods, crystallography of phase transformations, texture analysis, material structures – metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers, thin films, quasi-crystals, amorphous materials, nanomaterials, and molecular crystals. The conference proceedings will be published in the Solid State Phenomena, Trans Tech Publications in Switzerland.

The organizers also took care of the social aspects, including an excursion to Chocholów, the village in the Tatra Mountains, which is comprised almost exclusively of the original Polish 'Góral' highlanders' wooden houses. Conference photos can be viewed on the website.

The next, XXII CAC will be organized in September 2012.

Malgorzata Karolus