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Frolic Goats High-Pressure Diffraction

Poznań, Poland, April, 2013

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[Frolic Goats attendees] Participants of the FgHp-6 (left to right): Michał Kaźmierczak, Mohamed Mahgoub, Szymon Sobczak, Kacper Rajewski, Ewa Patyk, Mathias Meyer, Kinga Ostrowska, Magdalena Sikora, Damian Paliwoda, Anna Maria Hernández Martin, Sławomir Domagała, Virginia Amate Padilla, Witold Zieliński, Marcin Stachowicz, Cristina Bosch Orea, Grzegorz Szklarz, Anna Olejniczak, Joanna Bąk, Marek Daszkiewicz, Mina Eshak, Maria Igartua Medina, Andrzej Okuniewski, Joachim Kusz, Michał Andrzejewski, Hanna Tomkowiak, Hanna Piotrowicz, Jędrzej Marciniak, Michael Hanfland, Weizhao Cai, Maciej Bujak, Hesham Alsoghier, Maria Nowak, Akram Behrooz, Marcin Podsiadło, Kamil Dziubek, Andrzej Katrusiak; absent from the photo are: Michalina Anioła, Jolanta Darul, Olga Ermakova, Katarzyna Kowalska, Paulina Pojawis, Małgorzata Ratajczak-Sitarz, Paulina Wawrzyniak, Zofia Dega-Szafran and Mirosław Szafran.

The 6th Frolic Goats High-Pressure Diffraction Workshop (FgHp-6), held at the Adam Mickiewicz U. in Poznań, April 14-16, 2013, welcomed 45 participants, representing 7 countries. The workshop is traditionally dedicated to the introduction to high-pressure research. The lectures included the subjects of 'Strain in materials' (A. Katrusiak), 'High-pressure experiments and data reduction with CrysAlisPro' (M. Meyer), 'Single-crystal diffraction at the ID09A beamline of the ESRF' (M. Hanfland), 'Pressure-induced conformational phase transition in 4,4’-bipyridine hydrobromide monohydrate' (M. Anioła), 'High-pressure crystallization of DL-mandelic acid' (W. Cai), 'Low-temperature and high-pressure behaviour of 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene. Melting-point differences in trichlorobenzene isomers' (M. Bujak), 'Comparative studies of 2-methyl-4-nitroanilinium hexachloridostannate(IV), bromide and two non-centrosymmetric chlorides' (M. Daszkiewicz), 'High-pressure diffraction study of toluene pursued in a collaborative project' (K. Dziubek) and 'HP experiments and data reduction with CrysAlisPro' (M. Meyer). For the first time the workshop included a poster session, for which CrystEngComm provided two poster prizes, awarded to Kinga Ostrowska for the poster entitled 'Menthol-mint racemate' and to Witold Zieliński for his work on 'Hydrogen bonds NH...N in compressed benzimidazole polymorphs'. The workshop included hands-on laboratory exercises in the DAC operation, alignment, loading, diffraction experiments, compressibility measurements in a piston-and-cylinder press, and computation and processing of high-pressure data.

The FgHp-6 Workshop was generously sponsored by the Faculty of Chemistry, Agilent Technologies and Bruker Poland, and was organized by the Team supported by the Foundation for Polish Science. On the first day of FgHp-6 the participants made a bicycle trip to the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve, where a rain of meteorites fell about 5000 years ago, and had a barbecue. On the next day after sessions, a tour was guided by Andrzej Muszyński through the museum at the Inst. of Geology, where several of the largest meteorites in Central Europe are exhibited, including one of 300 kg found in 2012 in the Morsko Reserve.

Andrzej Katrusiak