Volume 11, Number 2 (2003)

On the cover

Images from International Tables for Crystallography:

Volume A: Space group No. 215
Volume B: Diffraction pattern of Penrose tiling
Volume C: Dense packing of spheres
Volume D: Birefringence image of industrial diamond
Volume E: Rod group No. 7
Volume F: Electron-density map of sFHV from SAXS data

Forthcoming volumes (not shown):

Volume A1, Symmetry relations between space groups, and
Volume G, Definition and exchange of crystallographic data.
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P. Anderson, B. Busing, J. Cherfils, P. Coppens, D. Garvin, R. Hemley, J. Hurley, A. Jackson, L. Jensen, A. Katrusiak, J. Konnert, D. Levy, K. Lipscomb, C. Mealli, K. Michel, K. Morikawa, M.A. Orlando, P. Paoli, S. Robertson, K.D. Rogers, M. Rossmann, A. Sharpe, M. Spackman, R. Stenkamp, J. Stewart, P. Turner, R. Winter, C. Zardecki.

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