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Structure factor file check: have you deposited?

[Structure] Structure factors are available for PDB entry 1lnx (Mura, C., Kozhukhovsky, A., Gingery, M., Phillips, M., Eisenberg, D.: The Oligomerization and Ligand-Binding Properties of Sm-Like Archaeal Proteins (Smaps) Protein Sci. 12 pp. 832 (2003))

For many years, the Protein Data Bank (PDB) has encouraged the deposition of all experimental data by making it as easy as possible. When depositing coordinates, structure factor data can be submitted in ANY format with an accompanying description of content.

In spite of these efforts, structure factor files are available for only about half of the more than 17700 crystal structures available in the PDB (

A campaign has been started by G. Kleywegt and A. Jones (U. of Uppsala) to encourage crystallographers to deposit their structure factor data to the PDB ( A very simple query form called 'SOS - Save Our Structure factors' is available at Type in your name to retrieve a list of your entries that do not have structure factor data available. Once you get the list e-mail the missing structure factor data to

The value of the PDB will be substantially increased by having a complete archive of the coordinates AND the structure factors.

Christine Zardecki