Volume 18, Number 4 (2010)

The second circular for the XXII IUCr Congress in Madrid (22-30 August, 2011) was distributed with the print copy of this newsletter. A PDF version of the circular is available here.

On the cover

Image of the cover for the XXII IUCr Congress Second Circular.

Editorial and production

Judith L. Flippen-Anderson, William L. Duax Editors
Patricia Potter Newsletter Design & Production
Jane Griffin Assistant Editor


P. Bombicz, D. Chernyshov, M. Donnelley, T. Inoue, M. Jaskolski, I. Leban, M. Martinez-Ripoll, R. Meijers, J. M. Perez-Mato, S. Popovic, H. Stoeckli-Evans, L. Van Meervelt, M. Warkentin, E. Wintersberger, Q. Xu.
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