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Symmetry of platelet defects in diamond: new insights with synchrotron light

Acta Cryst. (2010). B66, 493-496 (


Nearly 98% of natural diamonds are of type Ia. They contain up to 0.3% nitrogen, mainly associated with planar defects, called platelets. As all the platelets are coherently integrated into the single-crystal diamond matrix, their assembly can be treated as a twinned composite crystal. Three-dimensional mapping of rod-like diffuse scattering from Ia diamonds allowed us to identify the periodicity (√8a0 × √1/2a0 × −0.55a0) and some symmetry elements of the platelets. Our findings should guide further work to solve the structure of these defects.

A. Bosak, D. Chernyshov, M. Krisch and L. Dubrovinsky