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CrSJ 2009 General Assembly

Hyogo, Japan, December 2009

[CrSJ awards] Left to right: A. Takenaka (President), K. Wada, Y. Ohashi, A. Nakagawa, K. Sugiyama and R. Kiyanagi.

The Annual Meeting and General Assembly of the Crystallographic Society of Japan was held at Kwansei Gakuin U., December 5-6, 2009. 33 years have passed since the last annual meeting was held in the same university. The meeting featured 3 symposia, 72 oral and 135 poster presentations covering all aspects of crystallography, and an industrial exhibition. 373 crystallographers attended the meeting.

The symposia were on 'Studies of new materials science using open X-ray free-electron lasers', 'Crystal chemistry using powder X-ray structure analysis' and 'Behavior of protein molecules seen from more advanced information of the crystal structure'. They were organized by J. Mizuki (JAEA), Y. Ozawa (Hyogo Pref. Univ.) and K. Miki (Kyoto U.), respectively.

The first symposium included lectures by K. Tohno (RIKEN Inst.), Y. Tanaka (RIKEN Harima Inst.), E. Matsubara (Kyoto U.) and H. Kakuta (Tohoku U.). The optical characteristics of the X-ray free-electron laser, its application to materials science, and new technologies were discussed.

The second symposium included lectures by M. Takaya (Kyoto U.), M. Kawano (POSTECH, AMS), Y. Kubota (Osaka Pref. U.), and H. Uekusa (Tokyo Inst. Tech.). Characteristic properties and powder X-ray structural analyses of molecules concerning supermolecular assembly, instantly synthesized molecules of coordination network, nanoporous metal-organic solids and medical compounds were discussed.

The third symposium included lectures by K. Miki (Kyoto U.), R. Kuroki (JAEA), E. Yamashita (Osaka U.) and I. Tanaka (Hokkaido U.). Behavior of electrons or hydrogen atoms in protein detected by super-high resolution analyses or by neutron diffraction were discussed. Behaviors of supermolecules detected by middle- or low-resolution X-ray data and a new approach for drug discovery by using the information of small molecules trapped in the crystal were also discussed.

[Ohsumi and Ohashi] Left to right: K. Ohsumi and Y. Ohashi.

At the Awards Ceremony, the S. Nishikawa Award was presented to Y. Ohashi (JAERI). Research Awards were given to A. Nakagawa (Osaka U.) and K. Sugiyama (Tohoku U.), and The Young Crystallographer Awards went to K. Wada (Osaka U.) and R. Kiyanagi (Tohoku U.). At the general meeting, K. Ohsumi (Prof. Emer. KEK) and Y. Ohashi (Prof. Emer. Tokyo Inst. Tech.) became honorary members of our society. The Nishikawa memorial lecture and two award lectures were presented by Ohashi, Sugiyama and Nakagawa, respectively.

The local chair was H. Terauchi (Kwansei U.) and program chair was I. Takahashi (Kwansei U.). Details of the program can be viewed on the website.

Tsuyoshi Inoue