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New Materials by Crystal Engineering Design

Singapore, December 2003

A symposium dedicated to Crystal Engineering was a key component of a larger International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT2003) held in Singapore in December, 2003. The symposium was attended by over 60 delegates from 17 countries with over 40 oral presentations covering a wide range of topics from rational design and synthesis of crystals (attracting quite some discussion), practical applications (electronic, magnetic, host/guest chemistry, etc.) and theoretical aspects of Crystal Engineering. A highlight of the Symposium was a day dedicated to honouring the pioneering contribution of Richard Robson. The symposium also featured Poster sessions with the ICMAT2003 prize being awarded to Makato Tadokoro (Osaka City U.) and the CrystEngComm prize being awarded to Bellam Sreenivasulu (National U. of Singapore). A collection of papers presented at the Symposium will be published in a dedicated volume of Crystal Growth & Design during 2004 and a photo gallery is available on the website (

J.J. Vittal, E.R.T. Tiekink & S. Valiyaveettil

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