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2004 ASBMB-AMGEN Award

[S. Almo] Steven Almo.
Steven Almo, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has been elected to receive the 2004 ASBMB-AMGEN Award. This award is made to a new investigator, with no more than 15 years experience since receipt of a doctorate, for significant achievements in the application of biochemistry and molecular biology to the understanding of disease.

Dr. Almo has achieved a position of world-leadership in structural biology by developing a unique program in the cytoskeleton and functional analysis of contractile and allergenic proteins. His recent work has been on the co-stimulatory molecules that modulate the T cell response of the adaptive immune response and the structural and biochemical analysis of the molecules that regulate the actin cytoskeleton and contractile and motile cellular processes. He is a founding member of the New York Structural Genomics Research Consortium, one of the nine NIH-funded National Centers charged with the development of a high throughput structure discovery pipeline to provide a useable model for all individual protein structures.