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Distribution and Burgers vectors of dislocations in semiconductor wafers investigated by rocking-curve imaging

J. Appl. Cryst. (2005). 38, 91–96

[Local lattice curvatures] A map of local lattice curvatures, measured by parallel X-ray microdiffraction imaging on a 2-inch GaAs wafer.
This article presents a method of quantitatively visualizing dislocation distributions in semiconductor wafers by parallel X-ray microdiffraction imaging. Unlike previous techniques, the method is both non-destructive and model-free and measures a vectorial Burgers vector density rather than scalar dislocation density. Data analysis is based on local changes in Bragg peak positions as a typical signature of dislocations. Results obtained from InP and GaAs wafers on beamline ID19 at the ESRF demonstrate the potential of the technique. The effective spatial resolution, set to 80 μm for initial experiments, can be significantly enhanced in the future. 
Daniel Lübbert, Claudio Ferrari, Petr Mikulík, Petra Pernot, Lukas Helfen, Nicola Verdi, Dušan Korytár and Tilo Baumbach