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International crystal growth

Berlin, Germany, August 2004

[ICG logo]The Twelfth Int’l Summer School on Crystal Growth (ISSCG-12)” was held August 9 -13 at the Seminar and Meeting Centre Akademie Berlin-Schmoeckwitz in Berlin, Germany. The school was held in conjunction with the 14th Int’l Conference on Crystal Growth (ICCG-14) held in Grenoble, France. Chairmen of the school were G. Müller (U. Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany), J.-J. Metois (U. Marseille, France), and P. Rudolph (IKZ Berlin, Germany).

[Participants]Participants at the Twelfth International Summer School on Crystal Growth (ISSCG-12).
The meeting was jointly organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallzuechtung und Kristallwachstum (DGKK) and Groupe Francais de Croissance Cristalline (GFCC) under the auspices of the Int’l Organization of Crystal Growth (IOCG). The Inst. for Crystal Growth in Berlin (IKZ) was responsible for local organization. There were 66 students from 20 countries in Europe, Asia and South America supported by grants. This represents about 50 % of all participating students. 3 participants received full coverage of all expenses (including travel fees) from the InWent GmbH. All students that received grants presented posters.

The lectures have been published by Elsevier Science B.V. “Crystal Growth - from Fundamentals to Technology” edited by G. Mueller, J.J. Metois and P. Rudolph, July 2004, 422 pages, ISBN 0-444-51386-8. Each participant received a copy. ISSCG-12 covered tutorials and scientific topics in crystal growth and materials science. 169 scientists from 28 countries of four continents participated.

Both the technical program, with more than 30 lectures and tutorial seminars, and the support for students would not have been possible without generous contributions from: DGKK, European Space Agency (ESA), IKZ, IUCr Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials, ICCG-14, Deutsche Forschungsge-meinschaft (DFG), Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Kristallographie (DGK), FhG IISB Erlangen Crystal Growth Lab, WISTA Management GmbH Berlin-Adlershof, Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung GmbH (InWent).

ISSCG-12 was organized to encourage research in the field of crystal growth. Information about this meeting was distributed by the German press information service (IDW) before the meeting. During the school a press conference was held and several newspapers published articles about the school. The interest of politicians was expressed in a welcome speech by the lord mayor of Köpenick, the district of Berlin where ISSCG-12 was located.

The conference made an important contribution to the further development of friendly relations among the community of nations.

Georg Müller, Jean-Jacques Metois, and Peter Rudolph