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Letter to the Editor

Dear Judy

Would the following be of interest? (During 1966-9 I was chairman of the original British ‘X-ray Analysis Group’- so named by Bragg.)

I was interested to read the letter from Reuben Rudman about Prof. Belov and his poster at the 8th IUCr Congress. It reminded me of when Belov was over here in England in August 1960 for the 5th Congress, held in Cambridge. He was Vice-President at the time. One evening he asked me if he could get a newspaper. So I drove him round Cambridge until we found a news agent that was still open, and all was well. He told me that he wanted to try the crossword during the lectures when they were boring!

At that time visits from such people were not as easy-going as fortunately they now are, and I did wonder in retrospect what the newspapers would have made of it if an eminent Soviet academician had been found in a car crash late one night in Cambridge!

Edward Steward

Dear Edward,

I think that all such remembrances are of interest - they certainly are to me.