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Hellenic Crystallographic Association

Athens, Greece, October, 2004 

[HCA logo][Group photo] The Hellenic Crystallographic Assn (HeCrA) organized two events in 2004. Its 2nd conference at NCSR “Demokritos” was held October 15-16, 2004. Oral and poster presentations covered many aspects of crystallography. Topics included supramolecular organization in archeological samples (G. Tsoucaris, Louvre, Paris), photonic crystals (N. Stefanou, U. of Athens), combining electron microscopy and X-Ray techniques (J. Navaza, CNRS, Paris), apolipoprotein peptide models (M. Sakarellos-Daitsiotis, U. of Ioannina), structural studies of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (S. Tzartos, U. of Patras), structural investigations of titin (M. Wilmanns, EMBL, Hamburg), epigenetic DNA code (E. Moudrianakis, Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore), cyclodextrin structure (K. Yannakopoulou, NCSR Demokritos, Athens), powder diffraction of proteins (I. Margiolaki, ESRF, Grenoble), microporous coordination polymers (S. Skoulika, U. of Ioannina), thermostable proteins (C. Vorgias, U. of Athens), complexes of glucogene phosphorylase b (E. Chrissina, National. Res. Found., Athens), multi-dimensional approach to molecular replacement (N.M. Glykos, U. of Thrace, Alexandroupolis).

The conference was preceded by the 2nd Workshop of the HeCrA on the Rietveld Method, October 13-14, which took place at the Dept. of Physics of the U. of Athens and was organized by M. Calamiotou (Dept. of Physics), V. Perdikatsis (Dept. of Mineral Resources Engineering, Technical U. of Crete), A. Stergiou (Dept. of Physics, U. of Thessaliniki), and V. Psicharis (Inst. of Material Sciences, NCSR Demokritos). The workshop was attended by 22 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

The association acknowledges the financial assistance of the sponsors and the IUCr for their contribution to young scientists in order to attend the workshop and conference. The titles of all presentations of the conference, programs of the conference and workshop along with photographs from both events can be found at

Irene Mavridis
President, Hellenic Crystallographic Assn