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Croatian - Slovenian Meeting

Biograd, Croatia, June 2013

The 22nd Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting (CSCM22) was held in Biograd, Croatia, in June 2013. Biograd, once a coronation town of Croatian kings, is a tourist and nautical resort on the Adriatic coast. The meeting was dedicated to Boris Kamenar.

[Session] During the session: deep silence.

Six plenary and 54 short oral contributions were presented. The plenary lecturers were: Andreas Roodt (keynote; President of the European Crystallographic Association; U. of the Free State, South Africa), 'Kinetics and other systematic probing of electron density at transition metal centres for application in chemical processes'; C. B. Aakeröy (Kansas State U., USA ), 'From molecular sociology to functional materials'; A. Altomare (Inst. of Crystallography-CNR, Bari, Italy), 'The challenge of the ab initio crystal structure solution by powder diffraction data'; V. Bermanec (U. Zagreb, Croatia ), 'The importance of collecting and investigation of mineral samples from ore deposits - example of Stari Trg (Trepča) mine'; M. Jeršek (Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Ljubljana), 'Inclusions in gemstones - origin, identification and valuation'; J. Popović (Ruđer Bošković Inst., Zagreb, Croatia), 'Nanocrystalline metal oxides: synthesis, structure and properties'.

Short oral contributions dealt with all types of applications of crystallography. A. Altomare organized a workshop on 'Crystal structure solution by powder diffraction – the EXPO software'. G. Jovanovski (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje), discussed his monograph 'Comprehensive study of minerals from the Republic of Macedonia'.

[Excursion] Meeting excursion to Kornati Archipelago: Ognjen Milat and Mariusz Jaskolski.

80 participants and 10 accompanying persons from 14 countries attended the meeting: Austria, Italy, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, UK, US, South Africa, Macedonia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Iran, Croatia and Slovenia. There was an excursion to the Kornati Archipelago of 365 islands. The meeting closed with a movie concerning Croatia's national heritage to celebrate the acceptance of Croatia in the European Union. The 23rd Slovenian – Croatian Meeting will be held in 2014 in Slovenia and the 29th European Crystallographic Meeting will be held in Rovinj, Croatia, in 2015.

[Speakers] Stanko Popović, Christer Aakeröy, Angela Altomare, Jasminka Popović, Andreas Roodt and Ivan Leban.

After the meeting Christer Aakeroy commented, 'The strength of structural chemistry in Croatia and surrounding areas is very impressive, and the enthusiasm of the young generation bodes well for the future of this unique meeting.'

The meeting was organized jointly by the Croatian Crystallographic Assn (CCA) and the Slovenian Crystallographic Society (SCS), under the auspices of the Dept. of Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The Chairs of the meeting were Stanko Popović (CCA) and Ivan Leban (SCS), and the members of the Organizing Committee were: M. Bijelić, M. Cetina, M. Đaković, M. Luić, D. Matković-Čalogović, J. Popović, Ž. Skoko, Z. Štefanić, A. Tonejc, A. Višnjevac, M. Vrankić (CCA), A. Golobič, N. Lah, A. Meden (SCS).

There was no registration fee. Financial support came from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Rep. of Croatia; PLIVA Pharmaceutical Company, Croatia; Zagrebačka Banka, Croatia; Agilent Technologies, UK; Dectris, Switzerland; Rigaku, Croatia; Incoatec, Germany; Oxford Cryosystems, UK; Bruker, Germany; Mikro+Polo, Slovenia; Renacon-Panalytical, Croatia; Scan-Jeol, Slovenia; Incoatec, Germany; Hotel Ilirija, Biograd; and The Croatian National Tourist Board.

Stanko Popović and Ivan Leban