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Etter Early Career Award to D. Borden Lacy

[Borden Lacy] D. Borden Lacy.

D. Borden Lacy (Vanderbilt U. Medical Center) is a structural biologist and biochemist. Some of her outstanding achievements include the determination of the structure of the botulism neurotoxin during her graduate studies at UC Berkeley, broadly enabling both basic and applied research targeting this pathogen. Her postdoctoral studies with John Collier were equally productive and are best described as a tour de force examination of the molecular basis of anthrax toxin pathogenesis. She has already trained a number of students and has contributed to a number of courses. She has served on multiple committees both within and outside the university. She has won the Burroughs Wellcome Award for the study of the pathogenesis of infectious diseases, as well as several NIH grants. She has received numerous fellowships and awards during her training years, and is known for being a caring mentor and a role model for women in science. She truly embodies the spirit of Margret C. Etter.

Eric Ortlund, Emmanuel Skordalakes