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2012 PANalytical Award

[Thomas Bennett] Thomas Bennett.

The inaugural PANalytical Award of 2012 was presented to Thomas Bennett, Dept. of Materials Science at the U. of Cambridge, UK. The prize was based on a research article published in Physical Review Letters (2010), 104, 115503, entitled: 'Structure and Properties of an Amorphous Metal Organic Framework'. As first author on the publication Dr Bennett received the PANalytical Award trophy, a certificate and £5,000 sterling.

The PANalytical Award initiative was launched to identify and encourage exceptional young researchers who have never held a professorship and use laboratory-scale X-ray equipment as their primary analytical technique. A key feature of Dr Bennett's work is his use of X-ray total scattering data (PDF), in combination with data from scattering electron diffraction and optical microscopy and computer pictures of the metal-organic framework under investigation.