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Visa assistance for travel to the United States

With the upcoming 23rd Congress of the International Union of Crystallography in Montreal in 2014, many international visitors may be also interested in visiting the US.

The US National Committee for Crystallography is housed within the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The NAS also hosts the International Visitors Office (IVO), which may be able to assist you in obtaining a US visa. (

The IVO has a web page with information on how to apply for a US visa ( that every scientific visitor should read before planning a trip here. Amongst the useful suggestions to be found on the web page are: information on who needs to obtain a visa to enter the US; suggested timeframe for the visa application, at least 3-4 months in advance of your trip, to allow ample time for visa interview scheduling and for the administrative processing following your visa interview; to bring to the interview a copy of your most current CV with a list of your publications to help demonstrate your credentials; and to provide an accurate email address for consulate communications in the event your visa cannot be issued the same day.

Visa processing delays often depend on the applicant's nationality and background, but most of the time the US visa application process works well and is completed reasonably quickly. If your visa has not been processed and more than 21 days have passed since your application has been submitted and the interview completed, the IVO has a questionnaire for you to fill out.

We hope to see you in Montreal.