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Application of δ recycling to electron automated diffraction tomography data from inorganic crystalline nanovolumes

Acta Cryst. (2013). A69, 396-407 (

[Silicate] Model of the fibrous silicate Charoite90 obtained by δ recycling an incomplete set (80%) of electron ADT-PED intensities.

δ recycling is a simple phasing method based on properties of the Fourier transforms and was initially developed for single-crystal X-ray diffraction data. However, tests carried out on intensities of inorganic compounds acquired by combining automated diffraction tomography (ADT) and precession electron diffraction (PED) techniques also show its viability for electron diffraction data and demonstrate the quasi-kinematical character of intensities collected by tomographic methods from nanometric volumes. The tolerance to missing data and to deviations from kinematical behavior is analyzed, with particular attention to the Wilson-plot scaling procedure.

J. Rius, E. Mugnaioli, O. Vallcorba and U. Kolb