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Crystallographers in the news

[Yingong Shi] [Randy Read] [Robert Von Dreele]
Yingong Shi Randy Read Robert Von Dreele

The Royal Swedish Academy of Science presented the 2014 Gregory Aminoff Prize to Y. Shi, (U. Beijing, China), recognizing the significance of his studies of protein complexes involved in programmed cell death.

R. Read (Cambridge U., UK) received the Max Perutz Prize for 2013 from the European Crystallographic Association, for the development and application of statistical analysis at all stages of protein structure determination.

R. Von Dreele (Argonne National Lab., USA) received the 2013 Hanawalt Award from the International Center for Diffraction Data (ICDD) for his insight and creativity in bringing the power of powder diffraction analysis to the study of macromolecules.

Excerpted from ACA RefleXions, Winter 2013