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Dear Bill,
I've read your article about 'Crystallography in North America', which appeared in the IUCr Newsletter vol. 22, No.1, with much interest. However, I would like to correct a number of inaccuracies:

  1. You have credited B. Brockhouse and C. Shull with 'neutron and electron diffraction, respectively', whereas the Nobel citation recognizes them for the development of 'neutron spectroscopy' and 'neutron diffraction technique', respectively.
  2. In the paragraph on recent US Nobel Prizes, the name of the UK co-recipient (Ramakrishnan) is misspelled, and Roger Kornberg is mixed up with his father, who has been re-named as 'Arther'.
  3. I am surprised that the above list (assuming 'recent' means from 2006 on) does not include Brian Kobilka and Robert Lefkowitz.
  4. XFEL stands for X-ray free electron laser, not 'femtosecond'.
Mariusz Jaskolski

Dear Mariusz,
Thank you for your comments.