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2015 Aminoff Prize

[Ian Robinson] Ian Robinson

The 2015 Aminoff Prize will be awarded to Ian Robinson of the London Centre for Nanotechnology at University College London and the Research Complex at Harwell, Didcot, UK. The English page of the website is: and the Swedish one: This award is especially timely as the 2015 Nobel symposium will be on the free electron laser and next year has been designated the International Year of Light. The latter will once again be celebrated with a virtual issue in Physica Scripta, on this occasion to be organized by Professors Skulley, Schleich and Glauber.

The virtual issue on the Aminoff series, to which many are contributing, is growing slowly but steadily (, although obtaining the relevant copyright and permissions for figures has proved to be something of a nuisance for some papers. Ivar Olovsson's article on Gregori Aminoff will be published within the next couple of weeks, as will Jack Dunitz's paper, and Gérard Férey and Jean-Louis Hodeau's on E. F. Bertaut.