Volume 11, Number 4 (2003)

On the cover

Photos were taken by Caroline Duax at the Kruger National Park in South Africa, the site of the Indaba satellite meeting of ECM21.

Editorial and production

Judith L. Flippen-Anderson Editor
Patricia Coley Newsletter Design & Production
Jane Griffin Assistant Editor


A. Avilov, E Boldyreva, P. Bombicz, I.D. Brown, H Bunge, K. Byrappa, M. Colquhoun, J.R.D. Copley, L. Dent Glasser, J.D. Ferrara, T. Inoue, R. Kuzel, I. Leban, A Liljas, J.-F. Ma, W.D.S. Motherwell, R. Palmer, K. Perzyñska, S. Popovic, A. Roodt, A. Sharpe, T. Strassner, D. Stroz, A. Tostevin, I.A. Vartaniants, X. Zou

IUCr Executive Secretary

Michael Dacombe (execsec@iucr.org)