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2003 CrSJ Annual Meeting

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The 2003 Annual Meeting and General Assembly of the Crystallographic Society of Japan was held in Kumamoto, Japan, in December 2003. It was attended by 480 people and included 2 symposiums, 71 oral presentations and 172 poster presentations covering all aspects of crystallography, and an industrial exhibition.

[CrSJ group] Y. Fujii (IUCr2005 Program Committee), M. Sakata (Program Chair of AsCA'04), Y. Ohashi (EC of IUCr), Y. Yamagata (Chair of CrSJ'03 Kumamoto), S. Sasaki (Chair of National Committee for Crystallography), and J. Akimitsu

The two symposiums were on 'Nano technology and crystallography' and 'Utilization of synchrotron radiation and drug discovery'. Each symposium included 5 lectures. The lectures 'Forefront studies on carbon nanotubes' (K. Suenaga, AIST), 'Structures of novel nano-materials determined by synchrotron radiation powder experiment' (M. Takata, JASRI/SPring-8), 'Electronic state analysis by the nano scale' (M. Terauchi, Tohoku U.), 'Evaluation of the nanotech device by synchrotron radiation micro-beam diffraction method' (S. Kimura, JASRI/SPring-8), and 'Nano magnetic structure analysis of the manganese system super enormous magnetic resistance material' (S. Mori, Osaka Pref. Univ.) were included in the former symposium. And 'Present state and prospect of the Saga synchrotron radiation facilities' (K. Watanabe, Saga U.), 'The structural biology which aimed at drug discovery' (N. Tanaka, Showa U.), 'The development of the inhibitor considering the metal ion effect of human hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase' (T. Inoue, Osaka U.), 'Denovo molecular design which makes the three-dimensional protein structure to be a target' (T. Matsuzaki, Mitsubishi Chem. Co.), and 'Development of AIDS medicine: Molecular mechanism of the drug resistance and crystal structure analyses' (H. Mitsuya, Kumamoto U.) were in the latter. The plenary lecture titled 'Superconductivity and magnetic characters of boron/carbon compound' was also carried out by J. Akimitsu (Aoyama-gakuin U.).

[CrSJ awardees] Awardees of 2003 Annual Meeting and President of CrSJ: N. Shibata, D. Hashizume, N. Yasuok (President), and T. Hakoshima.

At the annual CrSJ Awards Ceremony, a Research Award was given to T. Hakoshima (Nara Inst. of Sci. & Tech., NAIST); and the Young Crystallographer Awards went to N. Shibata (Himeji Inst. of Tech.) and D. Hashizume (Riken Inst.). The Local Chair was Y. Yamagata (Kumamoto U.) and the Program Chair was S. Ikemizu (Kumamoto U.). Full details of the meeting program can be viewed at CrSJ home page

Tsuyoshi Inoue