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Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, June, 2003

[Plitvice Lakes] Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

The Twelfth Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting was held in National Park Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, June 19–22, 2003. It was jointly organized by the Croatian Crystallographic Assn and the Slovenian Crystallographic Soc. The honorary presidents of the meeting were Boris Kamenar (Zagreb), and Ljubo Golic (Ljubljana).

The plenary lecturers of the meeting were: B. Kojic-Prodic and Z. Stefanic (Zagreb): 'Hydrogen bonding and supramolecular architecture'; G. Vlaic (Trieste): 'XAFS spectroscopies and chemistry: some selected results'; J. P. Abrahams and N. Ban(Zurich): 'X-ray crystallographic structure determination of large asymmetric macromolecular assemblies'; A. Golobic (Ljubljana): 'Solving structural problems of ceramics materials'; A. Danilovski (Zagreb): 'Biological and pharmaceutical solids in the crystallographic arena'. We were pleased that E. Tillmanns (Vienna) and H. Wondratschek (Karslruhe) participated in the meeting. There were 82 registered participants from10 countries and 52 contributed abstracts. There were 135 authors on the papers with a high probability that their surname began with the letter P.

The meeting covered a large area of crystallographic science with stress on chemical crystallography and investigations on organic, coordination, small biological and organometallic crystals. We had contributions from physical crystallography, computing, powder diffraction, small angle scattering, electron microscopy, mineralogy, alloys, films material science and protein crystallography. The most common word of the meeting was 'nano' in many variations: nanocrystalline, nanowire, nanotubes, nanostructure, nanosized particle, nanodevices, nanoribbons and some more. Thanks goes to all the sponsors, because of them this meeting was organized without registration fee for any participants.

The 13th SLO-CRO Crystallographic Meeting will be held in Lipica, Slovenia June 17–20, 2004. For further information contact or visit

S. Popovic (Zagreb) and I. Leban (Ljubljana)

Dear Professor Popovic,

Having returned well to Karlsruhe yesterday evening, I should like to express my sincere thanks to you and to the organizing team for this excellent conference. I enjoyed the interesting lectures (it was the first meeting after several years), the nicely situated and well kept hotel and, last not least, the beautiful surroundings with the many clear lakes, with the numerous waterfalls and its flora and fauna.

I became acquainted with several of your colleagues and students and enjoyed to talk with them and to discuss their and my problems. Now I am 'back in the salt mines' again and found here some mail concerning the new volume of International Tables which brings me to reality. The last week will stay in my memory, and I am looking forward to visiting your next conference, then in Slovenia.

Hans Wondratschek