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Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography 2

Poreč, Croatia, April, 2017;

[Participants] Participants at the HTCC2017 conference in Poreč, Croatia.

The Second Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography Workshop (HTCC2017) organized by the Croatian Association of Crystallographers was held in Poreč, Croatia, 22-26 April 2017. The workshop was designed to highlight achievements in experimental methods and theoretical approaches in crystallography, that have brought the discipline to the frontiers of structure-activity studies and natural sciences in general. The program covered three 'hot topics': (i) dynamical crystallography [HT1], (ii) crystallography under non-ambient conditions [HT2], and (iii) charge-density studies [HT3].

Lectures were presented by nine distinguished crystallographers: S. Hasnain (Barkla X-ray Laboratory of Biophysics and Editor-in-Chief of the IUCr journals, UK) [Introduction]; H. Chapman (CFEL DESY; U. of Hamburg, Germany) [HT1]; I. Schlichting (Max Planck Inst. for Med. Res., Germany) [HT1]; D. Š. Jung (Dectris Ltd, Switzerland) [Detectors]; S. Parsons (Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions, U. of Edinburgh, UK) [HT2]; M. Adam (Bruker AXS Inc., Germany) [HT2]; P. Macchi (U. of Bern, Switzerland) [HT3]; C. Jelsch (CRM2, CNRS, U. de Lorraine, Nancy, France) [HT3]; and K. Molanov (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia [HT3].

The organizing committee was chaired by A. Višnjevac, president of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers, and the program coordinator was B. Kojić-Prodić. HTCC2017 was attended by 20 students, 9 lecturers, 7 organizers and 2 accompanying persons from 13 countries. A. Bacchi, president of the European Crystallographic Association (ECA), addressed the audience at the opening ceremony. The ECA generously supported the organization of the meeting and bursaries for students. The workshop was sponsored by Bruker AXS Inc. as main sponsor, as well as by Dectris and MiTeGen. The Croatian Association of Crystallographers has already begun to plan the third workshop in the series.

Aleksandar Višnjevac