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Packing for India

[Suitcase and books]

Plan to take 20 lbs of crystallographic text books that you haven't opened in five years to the IUCr Congress in Hyderbad. Your old books will be welcomed and eagerly read by the next generation of crystallographers who look to the IUCr for guidance and support.

As CEO of the American Crystallographic Association and Editor of the IUCr newsletter I have been asked many times to find a new home for collections of crystallographic texts at the time of a crystallographers retirement or death.

Shipping costs made it difficult to send collections of books to countries that could most benefit from them. Whenever I have brought copies of ACA transactions and IUCr Newsletters to an IUCr meeting and made them available to attendees they have been gratefully welcomed.

I urge you to bring 20 lbs or more of books on crystallography or science to Hyderbad and place them on a table at the IUCr booth. You will have made a valuable contribution to the future of crystallography and your name on the fly page will let the recipient know you care.

William L. Duax