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Crystallographic Society of Japan annual meeting

Mito, Japan, November 2016

The 2016 annual meeting and the general assembly of the Crystallographic Society of Japan (CrSJ2016) was held 17-18 November at the Ibaraki Prefectural Cultural Center in Mito. Over 351 crystallographers participated. The meeting featured 52 oral and 125 poster presentations covering all aspects of crystallography, three award lectures, three microsymposia, a special lecture promoting gender equality, two luncheon seminars, and industrial exhibitions from 16 companies/organizations. The microsymposia were titled 'New Materials and Their Crystallography Promising for Sustainable Development of Society', 'Crystal Chemistry of Functional Materials Based on Proton Ion-Migration', and 'Recent Advances in X-ray and Neutron Protein Crystallography' and a total of 14 invited talks were given.

At the CrSJ Awards Ceremony, the S. Nishikawa Award was presented to N. Kamiya (Osaka City U.) and J.-R. Shen (Okayama U.), the Research Award was given to Y. Kubota (Osaka Pref. U.) and G. Kurisu (Osaka U.). At the general assembly, an Honorary Membership was awarded to O. Nittono (Fukushima City Educational Facility 'Komukomu') and Y. Noda (Tohoku U.).

[Honorary Members]
The recipients of Honorary Membership and the 2016 CrSJ Awards with the President of CrSJ (from left): Sasaki (President), Nittono, Noda, Kamiya, Shen, Kubota and Kurisu.
[Poster winners]
The poster Awardees and the President of CrSJ (from left): Yamada, Fukuda, Yamano, Tanaka, Shimono and Sasaki (President).

Five young scientists were honored with Poster Awards. They are S. Shimono (Osaka Pref. U.), R. Tanaka (Rikkyo U.), T. Yamano (U. Tokyo), K. Fukuda (U. Tokyo) and M. Yamada (U. Tokyo).

[Lecture] Lecture by A. Shinoda at the Young Crystallographer's Meeting 2016. Photo courtesy of CROSS-Tokai.

The Young Crystallographer's Meeting 2016, a satellite meeting of the CrSJ 2016, was held on 16 November at the Tokai Industry and Information Plaza in Tokai (10 km north from Mito) and 40 researchers/students participated. This meeting is held every year to make an opportunity for young researchers and graduate students to communicate and network with each other, especially beyond the barriers between physics, chemistry and biology, in an informal environment. This year, three lectures by two graduate students, K. Terao (Tsukuba U.) and H. Sugiyama (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), and a post-doctoral researcher, A. Shinoda (KEK), were given and a banquet was held after the lectures. In addition, a tour of J-PARC MLF, a neutron and muon experimental facility at Tokai, was held before the lectures as a special event of the meeting. The participants looked at four neutron diffractometers at the MLF.

Young Crystallographer's Meeting 2016 banquet. Photo courtesy of CROSS-Tokai.
[J-PARC MLF tour]
Pictures of the J-PARC MLF tour. (Left) A single-crystal diffractometer for structural biology 'iBIX'. (Right) A versatile powder neutron diffractometer 'iMATERIA'. Photo courtesy of CROSS-Tokai.

A full program of the meeting can be viewed at the CrSJ website The chair of the organization committee was T. Tamada (QST) and the program committee was chaired by M. Unno (Ibaraki U.).

The 2017 annual meeting will be held 23-24 November 2017 at JMS Aster Plaza, Hiroshima. The chair of the organization committee is Y. Kuroiwa (Hiroshima U.) and the program committee is chaired by C. Moriyoshi (Hiroshima U.).

Takashi Ohhara