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Yue Deng wins fifth PANalytical Award

[Yue Deng] Yue Deng (center) with his supervisors, Christian Masquelier (U. of Picardie) and M. Saiful Islam (U. of Bath).

The PANalytical Award 2016 has been won by Yue Deng, a former PhD student at the U. of Bath (UK) and the U. of Picardie (Amiens, France). His article about fast lithium-ion conduction in solid electrolytes was highly rated by the selection committee who especially mentioned the excellent quality of the comprehensive work described in the paper. The winning article was selected from a record number of more than 100 contributions from young scientists all over the world.

Dr Deng and his co-authors were delighted by the good news. He said: 'This award is a great acknowledgement for the value of our work, and a great encouragement for me to apply my knowledge of diffraction and crystallography in my career.' He will receive the PANalytical Award in Shanghai, China, where he is currently working. More details can be found at